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Big IT Trainings allows accessing websites and you can view every information due to terms and conditions which have been specified below. You have to follow some terms and conditions to agree and subscribe website.


If you won’t agree for our conditions you are not applicable to view any information based on you make a booking, you must pay the full fee for the course

It is not possible to cancel or postpone your course

It is not possible to pause your course or take a holiday part way through your course. Payment should be received on or before the day of course begins.

Privacy Policy and Registration

Each and every details received by you in our websites will be used by according to our Privacy Policy.

While registration, you must provide your details to should be true, Registration process responsibilities have to maintain by your own path. You can update your information in website.

Each and every information will be sent to emails those who were registered in website will be sent by using their email ids.

Development Process

Big IT Trainings provide certificate professionally certified with current projects.

Delay Process

If any cancellation or delay in course will be intimated one day before. And receive every information based on course

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

The law and Jurisdiction based on law of government. Users of websites agreed by court of India for exclusive settlement of jurisdiction. Every information has been permanently submitting all disputes to the jurisdiction of Indian courts.


You may not be allowed to relocate, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights under these terms and conditions.

Until your terms and conditions has been found invalid for Indian court jurisdiction,Terms and conditions remain constant until third party enters to effect any legal information.

Countermeasure is responsible for each and every cause from websites, if there any faults in website are responsible.

If anyone has been acknowledge receiving paid services, your faults restricted to direct damages of website. There are terms and conditions to be followed during the year if any damages accrue should be paid limit equal to fee.

Other Information

Without permission incompetency for issues in their convenient control. does not allow telephones, to communicate with third person while classes where going on.

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