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Linux is an Operating System; it is a Multitasking and Multi User Techniques in Linux. It makes both Software and Hardware works. Before Linux it has been called as kernel later it is named as Linux. It’s a High Performance of computing.

Kernel is a main program which controls every part hardware computer system. In Linux shell which acts as an interface between User and Kernel. Shell used to take input commands and transfer to kernel.

File and Process are the types of Linux where, file consists of data, hard disk, and process in a file. Process which identify unique id. Linux is a Virtual Machine.

Course Content

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Core topics of Red Hat Linux Online Course

  • Basic Requirement for Linux Installation
  • Installation – Minimal and Custom
  • Installation of linux VMware ws
  • Installation different flavors of linux like centos,rhel,suse,ubuntu
  • Installation of solaris
  • Kickstart Installation(network installation)
  • Linux Commands – Part I

Pwd/cd/ls/who/whoami/who am i/which/cp/mv/rm/mkdir/
VI Editor

  • Linux Commands – Part II

scp/hdparm/dmesg/bc/sh/at/atq/trm/date/uptime/su –

Details FSTAB
Archiving/Encoding/Compressing/Encrypting File
Process and Job Control
Mounting iso image

  • Class 4

Symbolic Link / Hard Link
Comparison between Both Links
Advance Linux Commands
passwd/id/uname/chown/chgrp/chmod/chroot –
User and Group Quota Management
Cron and Anacron
Autofs/Syslog Administration
Configure linux systemas router

  • Class 5

File manipulation commands
Boot Process

  • Class 6

User and Group Administration – Useradd Details
Installation of xmanager or VNC

  • Class 7

File & Directory Permission & Security

  • Class 8

Software Installation
With RPM / With Source Code (Tar Ball)
Configuring of syslog server

  • Class 9

User and Group Quota Management
Cron and Anacron
Autofs/Syslog Administration
Configure linux systemas router

  • Class 10

Some Advanced Commands
LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

  • Class 11

IP Addressing
IP Address Configuration for Linux Boxes
Sub netting, bonding, Configure NIC with Multiple IP
Using Different Utility – ping/tcpdump/netstat/nmap
SAMBA server configuration
Sharing with windows
DHCP Server Configuration

  • Class 12

FTP Server installation
Configuring NTP server

  • Class 13

Basic Configuration/ Virtual Hosting/ Authentication
Content Description and Modification
Indexing /Redirection/ Logging/ Proxying
Security – Using OpenSSL.

  • Class 14

Why NFS?
Server Side NFS Configuration
Client Side NFS Configuration
Automation of NFS Server and Client.

  • Class 15

Why NIS?
NIS Server Configuration
NIS Client Configuration
Testing from the Clients
Host.conf and nsswitch.conf

  • Class 16

DNS Configuration

  • Class 17

LAMP SERVER installation
Installtion jre
Installtion of JDK
Installation of monitoring tool(nagios)
Installtion SVN server

  • Class 18

Real time trouble shooting
Trouble shooting
Memory Management
NIC card teaming

  • Class 19

Basic Concepts of storage
Storage management

  • Class 20

Creation of aggregates,volumes in netapp and mounting the storage volumes onto nfs server

  • Class 21

Sharing the volumes to the clients
Taking back up of the volumes
Scheduling backups
Back up and restore of data

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