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AngularJS is a Open Source Web Application Framework.It is orginally developed in 2009 by “MISKO HEVERY” and ADAM ABRONS.It is maintained by Google.

AngularJS is a Javascript Framework.It is used in Single Page Application (SPA).It extends the HTML DOM with additional attributes and it makes more responsive to the user actions.

AngularJS is a very Powerful JavaScript based Development Framework to create RICH Internet Application (RIA).AngularJS provides developers options to write Client -Side Application in aclean MVC( model,view,controller)model.

AngularJS should have abasic understanding of :

* JavaScript
* BootStrap

HTML Stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. HTML is a Markup Language for describing the web documents and web pages.


CSS stands for Cascading StyleSheet Language.CSS is describes the presentation of an HTML or XML document.HTML elements `are to be displayed on screen ,on paper or in other media.CSS saves alot of work and it can controls the Layort of multiple webpages.External stylesheets are stored in css files also .


JavaScript is aprogramming language of HTML and Web.


SQL stands for Structure Query Language. SQL is a standard language for accessing the Databases.SQL is used to acces and manipulate the data in:MYSQL,SQLSERVER,ACCESS,ORACLE,SYBASE,DB2 and other database systems.


PHP stands for:” Hypertext PreProcessor”.PHP is a Serverside Scripting Language and a powerful tool for making dynamic and intercative webpages.


BootStrap is a Free-End Framework for faster and easier web development.BootStrap includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography,forms,buttons,tables,navigation,modals,image and many other,as well as optional JavaScript plugins.

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